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Where To Start To Meet Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Choosing the best Heating and Air Conditioning solution is a big decision. Here at Associated Heating and Air Conditioning of N. Wilkesboro, we can help make it a lot easier. We have years of experience making homes comfortable all year long. We’re a certified TRANE® Comfort Specialist™ and a authorized supplier of WaterFurnace® – residential geothermal systems.

Where Do I Start?

1. Contact Associated Heating & Air today!

2. We’ll help with the best HVAC soultion for your needs.

3. We’ll help you understand the short and long-term finances of a Trane matched system.

4. Interested in Geothermal? We can help.

5. Don’t know what Geothermal is? We can explain.

6. Let us install your TRANE HVAC

7. Enjoy peace of mind and year-round comfort.

Answer these questions

 » Are the costs of heating and cooling your home too high?


» Are your current HVAC systems running efficiently?


» Is your home ever too dry?



» Do you have any cold or hot rooms that never seem comfortable?


» Do allergies effect your well being?


» Want more temperate control at specifics times of the day?


» Is your HVAC currently under warranty?

Schedule an appointment

» We can design a custom system to meet your needs, maximize your energy efficiencies and bring you peace of mind with reliability of our product and comfor for your home.

» Know what you currently have in your home. Collect model numbers and serial numbers which are generally on a nameplate attached to your unit, and locate any paperwork from the purchase of this equipment.

» Be sure to consider all your needs. Think about the construction of your home and any unique interior spaces which may cause challenges in your home. Are you looking for your first HVAC system for a new construction, or to replace an existing unit?

» We will help you review your needs, your home and your existing equipment. Our experienced professionals will then determine the best way forward and what options you may have.

» Consider your financial obligations and your financing options. This is an investment which directly impacts your family, and your comfort every day.  Ask us about financing options we may be able to provide you.

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